• Random board generation
  • Four different board themes
  • Up to five players
  • Undo of moves
  • AI with several difficulty levels
  • Save/open of board/game
  • Two different scoring modes
  • Linux
  • X server (e. g. XFree86)
  • High resolution desktop (>= 1024x768) with at least 15 bits per pixel
  • Qt library (version >= 2.2.0)
  • Decent compile environment (whatever that is), since there aren't any precompiled versions available yet
To do:
  • Play via network
  • Adjustable board size
  • Build RPMs for all the Linux flavours out there (HELP!)
  • Improve AI performance (HELP!)
  • Fix some glitches in the GUI
  • Simplify installation (HELP!)
  • Write decent documentation (HELP!)