Mantigua is a simple turn-based board game based on the following background story:

You and some competing merchants find an yet unknown and undiscovered cluster of islands. The native inhabitants are peaceful and willing to trade their goods. Now every merchant wants to build up his own trade network to earn as much money as possible. Because of the limited number of islands there isn't enough room for more than one merchant. So all merchants meet and decide that the merchant who can establish more trade monopolies on the islands than his competitors will gain the exclusive right to trade on this cluster of islands.

The detailed rules of this competition look like this:
  • The trading routes between the islands are predefined
  • One merchant after the other chooses one connection and established a private trading route
  • If a merchant owns more than half of all connections of an island he gains the trade monopoly on this island. This implies that all connections to this particular island that are owned by other merchants are freed again. Notice however that these freed connections can be repossessed by anyone.
  • The competition ends when no free connections remain or all islands are under the monopoly of a merchant.
  • There are two different scoring modes to determine the winner: Either each monopoly counts as a single point or the number of points equal the number of connections to that particular island.
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"Mantigua" ist eine Bearbeitung des Brettspiels "Kahuna" von Günter Cornett, erschienen im Kosmos-Verlag. Die Bearbeitung erfolgte mit freundlicher Genehmigung des Kosmos-Verlags.

"Mantigua" ist an adaption of the board game "Kahuna" by Günter Cornett, published by Kosmos-Verlag. The adaption is being distributed with the kind permission of Kosmos-Verlag.